Stuart Good
Stuart Good • Strategist

Swiss Army • Comms Planning


Develop a brand platform for Victorinox Swiss Army knives.


Victorinox stands for quality, innovation, and utility, and that promise is evident in their knives. They have a passionate cult following, but because they don't need to be replaced often, and there isn't a destination to see the infinite number of features and tool combinations, Swiss Army knives have lost their magic. Almost everyone has one, but not many really use or care about them. How can we inspire people to use their knives more often?


A Swiss Army knife is not just a tool, it's an essential. Like your keys, wallet, or phone, a Swiss Army knife is something you can always have on you that makes life easier. 

To swiss army is to "optimize, add utility to"


Creative solvers enjoy building and working with their hands, they are interested in re-purposing for efficiency, are often involved in challenges or contests, and prefer products that are a hybrid of utility and style. 

Plugged-in: They find it important to be well informed and often surprise people with the things they know. 

Function and quality over form: They don't mind paying extra for quality goods. 

Curious: They enjoy challenge, novelty, change, and putting things together in new ways. 

Sophisticated and savvy: They are driven to do well in their careers.



Anything can be "swiss armied"


The Swiss Army is a loyalty platform that sends brand ambassadors to war to engage the masses in Victorinox's mission. As with any army, there are a few key steps to the launch process. 


We will use reach tactics like television, print, and social media to formally declare war. 


We will host pop-up Swiss Army factories for people to see all of the different components of the pocket knives, watch and help with knife assembly, and combine tools into a custom product for purchase. 

We will also use Facebook Messenger's new direct message advertising to recruit creative solvers for our cause. 


Basic training will be comprised of at home challenges that our recruits can complete to earn rewards. The first reward is their digital dog tags, which they need in order to advance to the combat phase.


Once a recruit finishes basic training, he or she moves on to combat where they are sent on utility missions. They are asked to "swiss army," or to add utility to, every day objects like a Starbucks coffee cup. 

The Swiss Army app will house the soldiers profiles where they can see updates to their status, get new missions, see past missions, and connect with other members of the platform. 


I did this project with my friend Katherine Gannon (ST)


  • Creating consumer profile
  • Synthesizing research for set-up
  • Brainstorming and designing creative